Blog again!

Yay, I have a blog, again. Not that I need another one, but ah… what the heck 🙂 I decided to get another one because Blogger is pretty naff, I never liked it. Anyway, quick intro seems to be the most sensible thing to do, seeing as I'm trying to get people to read this blog. I'm aCiD2, a DirectX and .NET enthausiast – hobbiest at the moment, but hopefully I'll get it as a job when I'm older. I plan to use this blog to show off my works and write small articles that don't quite deserve to be published anywhere.

My current works are with Fraction. This was my first big engine, but I gave up on it after a while, and moved onto other projects. Since then I've learnt new tricks, and feel like using all my knowledge to rewrite Fraction. Here are my plans for Fraction, some of it I've done before, some needs enhancing and some is totally true. Here are some things that stand out at the moment:

  • Totally programmable, HDR pipeline
    I've done a bit of this before. My last engine was mainly programmable, but I think I was using some fixed funtoinality. Also, I've very recently done HDR (but it was a mess) and think I can improve that a lot. So, to accomplish this I'm going to make the VideoTask the only kernel task with access to the D3D device. Should be interesting.
  • Spatial partitioning
    This one I've never done more than a messy quadtree and frustum culling. I want to make this one a bit more powerful. I plan to give occlusion queries a try, and kd-trees. I think this might be pushing things, but this area is new and important.

In the end, I just want to have a little demo of a terrain, sky dome and water, all hdr, and all dynamic (except the terrain, that's never interested me). Anyway, thanks for reading.


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