Last night was my first attempt at delving into my sub concious self. I just sat on my bed, thinking about nothing nad letting my thoughtswonder. I only tried it for about 5 minutes, 10 minutes is the "good" amont of times it seem, but I can't approximate time. Gonna give it another try tonight. It was an interesting experience, I don't know if I'm "doing it right" nor do I actually care, because that will come to me over time. It felt really calming and refreshing to sit in silence, in a strange way.

If you're interested in it, here's a great site: Meditation Center. It has guides on getting started, different techniques you can use (I'm doing the Mindfulness Meditation) one at the moment. If you're skeptical about meditation, I really suggest you give it a try, read over the techniques above and stuff.

Anyway, "peace."  😉


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