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Exams and the future

May 21, 2006

Well, exams are coming up now. First big ones are tomorrow, with 2 maths exams. Meep. I'm determined to do well in this though. Maths exams are generally hard anyway, but I'm not letting that be an excuse! I mainly wanted to write this blog entry to speak about my plans for the future. Obviously, it's going to be game dev as my main career path, but I really thiking about getting into the music scene while I'm into my 20s. Other the last month I've been listening to so much drum n bass, mainly live, and it's just so full of energy.

 I've tried my hand at (software) mixing too, and really enjoyed just browsing through my music to find something that fits in with the last track. Then syncing them and all. I'm really missing out as well with software mixing – no scratching, no beat juggling, non of that stuff. But on top of mixing I've been using my musicality to produce some experiments in dnb. It's nothing good yet, but it's damn fun – and the results I'm getting are achieved much faster than I thought I'd get!

So, to sum this up, in the next year or 2 I plan to get a set of decks, a mixer and a midi keyboard. Then, I plan to practice and then… I wanna get out there, djing to people! I don't think it's going to be easy, but with the dedication I have for things I love, I think I can achieve it! Anyway, hitting the hay now, gotta get some rest for these exams!