I got a job!

Well, so strange soul seemed to think I'm suitable for a job! Well, they'd be right anyway, oposite to what you might think -_-. So, I'm now working on the tills down at Morrison's. My hours are quite nicely spread out, monday is 5-9pm, friday is 5-9:30pm, Sunday is 2 – 7pm. That's all at 3.94 per hour, then 4.50 after 12 weeks, iirc. Anyway,
pay stuff isn't something that concerns me.What I need is just some type of
constant income, so I can finally get some of Apple's yummy products (role
on iPod and MacBook Pro!)

On the Apple side of things, my mum recently got an iPod Nano. A few friends at school have them, but I can't believe how dinky those things are. Pheanominal work there! We've got her music on, and she understands how it all works, which is very good. My mum's not stupid, but it does take her a while at getting the hang of things, and she grasped this all in no time.

Finally, on the exam note, they are so nearly done. And thank f%#$ for that. I'm fed up with these exams. I've been streseed, and missed out on the cool Fringe stuff down at our local gardens (lots of live music and hippy stuff). 6 more papers to go, all to be done next week. Monday bus stud, Tuesday mechanics (maths), Friday physics. Ahhh, then I get to see how baddly I've done, yay!

Oh, and yea, the formatting on this post totally broke itself (at least in Opera). Nice eh?


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