God, I dunno how many of these I've written, but here I go with another one!

So a little bit about me now. I am a computer fanatic, a nerd, a geek, that kind of thing. My main hobby is computer game development, or more computer game technology development – I'm not one of those imaginative types (well, story wise anyway…). At the moment my primary language is C#, although I'm really pretty fond of any .NET language (boo is pretty big!). I practice the 'art' of readable, maintainable code and strong design. My code screams beatuy (well… sometimes).

Alongside game development, I love music. I play guitar, and have done since December, 2000. My style is very improvisational, as I don't have a band, and has it's roots in a fusion of jazz, blues, funk, and ambient. I recently started taking a large interest in electronic music, drum and bass predominantly and am keen to try some of my own stuff. I will probably never own decks or anything like that, but I'm interested in MIDI stuff with Reason, I had some pretty cool stuff going in the demo 🙂

I started my interest with computers when I was about 10, probably even younger than that. As a child, I was really interested with how things worked, so when we got a computer it was no surprise that I started trying to find out how things worked. I got hold of Doom off a friend, and started messing about with it. I made maps in WadAuthor (still love that editor) and played around in Dehacked making adjustments to the exe. Nothing major, and I never released anything, but it sure was fun 🙂

After the Doom days, I started messing about with C but never could understand much of it. I got books out of the library and studied them hard, but they were all a bit over my teeeny brain. Then, I met Blitz3D. Blitz was a simple game engine, with a BASIC language on top of it. I didn't have to worry about the low level stuff and started getting some stuff produced. My biggest accomplishments were probably making a live replay system (so, play the game, hold "r" and watch everything rewind, ala Prince of Persia), and then after that a brute force terrain with cube mapped water.

So currently, I've moved onto C# and managed directx. Being young makes it kinda tricky to do what I do best, which is research. I love seeing papers of things people have done and trying them out. You can find some of my samples over at MDXInfo.


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