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Thanks WordPress -_-

April 18, 2006

Heh, blog was down all of yesterday due to maintanence stuffy, but at least they fixed some of the problems I'd been experiencing 🙂 I wanted to get a few posts out, but… couldn't, natuarally. So, my ATi extensions are out here. Didn't stir much interest, I never thought it would, but meh. they are out there! I need to add instancing in.

So… metaprotean. I bet you're dying to know what this is! Well, I doubt that, but I will tell you anyway 🙂 Metaprotean is my shader editor for effect files. The name comes because the bulk of the parsing work is down to meta programming. A class is generated at runtime, and this contains all the parameters of the shader, and does some binding stuff. It's very cool ^_^ Here, have a screenshot:

As you can see, got a few things to tidy up, but it's really coming along nicely 🙂

Also, I'm working on some shaders atm, just some basic light models covered in "Advanced Lighting and Materials With Shaders" but instead of copying the shaders out of the book or something, I'm trying to write them, from the formulas. I can understand the ones in this book ^_^ At the moment I have Warn lighting and Phong lighting, next up is Blinn-Phong then Oren-Nayer 🙂



April 16, 2006

I just spent the best part of 3 hours (1 hour spent debugging a retarded problem, sigh) on a managed "port" of ATi's R2VB functionality. What does this mean exactly? It mens that on Ati hardware, I can deform a grid of 100×100 vertices, easily in realitme; by that I'm talking well over 300fps. Hows that? 😉 Anyhow, release and such coming tommorow, it's 2am on Easter day, and I am shattered.

Cycling, and stuff

April 14, 2006

Had a nice day today, weather was really good and I decided to get outand do something with it. Me and Martin went cycling, not far, bout 14miles but that's a fair bit when you haven't cycled for months! Also got in a bit of football which was nice. I really want to get my laptop now, so I can go cycling, recover and do some coding in the fresh air (I find it quite refreshing and motivating, sitting in the quiet countyside) then had back. Maybe that will happen in the summer 🙂

In other news, the game engine is really making some swift progress. The structure for a lot of the stuff is down now, and it's all down to getting the implementation right. I tidied the scene graph up, and the kernel and the resource managers are ready to be added. It's all extendable too 🙂 And just before I go to bed, I got my rating over 1100 now on gamedev! I'm chuffed that people are finding me so friendly and stuff, just gotta push it up to 1200 now 😀